• Liebherr The best and most economical solution-Use ChamferCut to chamfer


Precise – reliable – cost-effective. This is the chamfering process

After chamfering with the patented ChamferCut technology, no additional machining is necessary. There is no need for a second cut, which is often required during the deformationbased deburring process for the removal of build-up material. With the chamfering process, the exact chamfer form is produced. In contrast to deformation-based processes, the material structure is not affected. An optimal starting point is created for the subsequent finishing of hardened gears, particularly gear honing. The quality of such chamfers defines a new standard – with maximum repetitive accuracy.


Advantages of this process

• Very precise chamfer geometry

• Premium chamfer quality and reproducibility

• No bulging or material deformation

• Standard tooth-root chamfering 

• Established process in gear production

• Very long tool life

• ChamferCut tools can be re-sharpened approx. 20 times easily and cost-effectively

• Lower tool costs compared to alternative processes

• Short amortization period due to low tool costs

• Applications for gears with module 0.8–42 mm

• 2nd cut not needed for gear hobbing – longer tool life for the hobbing tool

• Short setup times


Press chamfering (with burnishing)                              CHAMFERCUT

Press chamfering tool          € 4,700                                  Chamfer cutter (set)                 € 3,600

Number of re-sharpenings      1                                         Number of re-sharpenings          23 

Total workpieces                     95,445                                Total workpieces                         468,293

Tool costs/workpiece              6.7 cents                            Tool costs/workpiece                  1.5 cents