PONGI was founded in 2009 and devoted in mechanical equipment and hardware with high profession and enthusiasm.

We do our best to realize the customers’ needs and aim to provide the most economical solution to them.

Our profession has been approved by the public and has been teaching gear-related knowledge in Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute.


Gear Cutters – Aimed in High Accuracy and Special Profile:

a. Hob cutters: Module DP1000-Mn35, Class AAA (High Precision)

b. Shaper Cutters: Module 0.05-25. Exclusive Agency of DATHAN UK

c. Bevel Gear Cutters: Solid and Assembly

d. Rolling Rack: Pad type and Round type

e. Broaching Tools: Module 0.1-12 (Mini Type – 3 Meter)


Re-sharpening Machine Series:

Re-Sharpening Machine TM and TG Type:

For Re-sharpening Gear Cutter -

Shaper Cutter: Module 0.05~25, Helical and Spur

Bevel Gear Cutter: Helical Solid and Assembly Type, Coniflex Type

HOB CUTTER: DINAAA precision, up to OD 150mm, Length 250mm

Mechanical Hardware

a. Exclusive Agency of Mytec Hydraulic Arbor from Germany

b. Mechanical Clamping Tools from Germany

c. Burnishing machine for lathe from Germany: Mirror finishing, polishing

d. Face Drivers- Exclusive patent design; easy to use and with high precision

e. Continuous spacer with extremely high precision


Vertical / Horizontal Grinding machine, Drilling machine, Tool grinder

German Vertical Hobbing machine, Shaping machine

Broaching machine, Rolling machine

Broach Cutter Re-sharpening machine

Universal Gear Testing machine


a. Standard Gear (Master Gear) for Examination,

b. Customized Software

We provide high quality services with enthusiasm and have gained vast support from all our customers: Factories of Reducers, Vehicles, Hand Tools, Gears and Mechanical equipment. We dedicate to provide the best service; welcome to contact us.


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